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15 years concentrated in 3-month program

Taking your business from environment-dependent inconsistent sales to


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Mission of the 1:1 Coaching program

Between clients coming and leaving I just stopped for a moment to ask myself “ Why do I actually achieve the results over and over again “ min 50% increase in sales from company to company from continent to continent regardless the industry” and “ what it cost to the business to change the marketing team”

Those questions led me to create my Marketing Formula program for Executives and Business owners. Because I believe that the fundamental marketing knowledge needs to come down together with the vision. It is crucially wrong to dedicate it to the marketing team. So I made up my mind to coach Executives and Business owners to OWN their strategic marketing which will keep their business safe from sales turbulence and reach true consistency in marketing and branding independently from external factors.

Get into the Clarifying Session
How long have you been in business?
How often do you fail to close or drop a sale??
Rate your overall satisfaction with current marketing results in your businessRate your overall satisfaction with current marketing results in your business


“It was great working with Lilit. She has great ideas and think outside the box. She was able to plan a great marketing strategy and to underline how to bridge the gaps between where we are now and where we can be tomorrow!"

Carlo Nicora / Founder & CEO / phlow zone / UK

"Awesome work. Far exceeded our expectations. Excellent marketing skills and able to produce results fast."

Jay Elliott / Managing Director / Integrity and Values / Australia

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